For sale vintage and retro furniture and teak furniture.  Also open every 1st and 3st Sunday of the month, next Sunday isPentecost day  1-9-19 in Beringe (NL) . every first and third Sunday. Cheap, cheaper, the cheapest  teak furniture in the Netherlands. Also the cheapest shabby chic, industrial, retro and vintage and rough and rustic teak furniture in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.  Also open every 1st and 3st Sunday of the month, next Sunday is 1-9-19 in Beringe (NL) . Come and have a look at Teakpaleis with an enormous collection of teak furniture and shabby chic, vintage and industrial furniture, such as coffee tables, shop cabinets, cupboards, tables, dresser, TV furniture, buffet cabinets, glass cabinets. Also modern, rural and classic furniture for sale.

The cheapest in vintage, retro, shabby-chic furniture and teak furniture from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

 Teakpaleis is in dealership with  't Spiegeltje / van den Broek.You can get company details at the relevant branch. For information about the general conditions, you can let yourself be informed by Teakpaleis in Beringe (NL). For infirmation about the general conditions for sale and guarantee on teak furniture in Belgium, you can let yourself be informed by 't Spiegeltje  - Teakpaleis in Baarle-Hertog (B).

The most important issues for you:

-Prices of teak furniture in order for more than 2 months, prices are with a proviso.There can always be a slight price rise due to the dollar currency and rise of fuel prices. (sea transport). If you don't agree with these slight rises, you can, of course, cancel the order.

-Teak furniture and shabby chic furniture have a legal guarantee of 3 months. Discount furniture or furniture on sale don't have a guarantee.

-Bought teak or shabby chic furniture can be changed within 3 months after purchase with other furniture or voucher. (valid one year). This doesn't count for furniture on sale or on discount.

-You have to bring the furniture to Beringe (NL) or Baarle-Hertog (BE) yourself.