For sale vintage and retro furniture and teak furniture.  Also open every 1st and 3st Sunday of the month, next Sunday isPentecost day  3-11-19 in Beringe (NL) . every first and third Sunday. Cheap, cheaper, the cheapest  teak furniture in the Netherlands. Also the cheapest shabby chic, industrial, retro and vintage and rough and rustic teak furniture in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.  Also open every 1st and 3st Sunday of the month, next Sunday is 3-11-19 in Beringe (NL) . Come and have a look at Teakpaleis with an enormous collection of teak furniture and shabby chic, vintage and industrial furniture, such as coffee tables, shop cabinets, cupboards, tables, dresser, TV furniture, buffet cabinets, glass cabinets. Also modern, rural and classic furniture for sale.

The cheapest in vintage, retro, shabby-chic furniture and teak furniture from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The delivery of the furniture.

We are a cash and carry furniture store that allows you to take your furniture home we have in stock directly. So we rather would like you to take your bought furniture  by car, by trailer or by bus yourself. If you aren't in the position to take your furniture home by yourself or fetch it at a later moment, we can arrange the furniture to be brought to you by a transport company.

if you have good reasons you can change your furniture  within 2 weeks of purchase. We don't take back treated furniture or furniture there has been worked at. You can only change  untreated, original furniture. We can't come and fetch your furniture, so you will have to take it to us by yourself.( Bear in mind eventual transport damage.) If you choose a cheaper model,you will receive a voucher for the remaining amount.This voucher lasts for one year. You can't change furniture discounts or special offers.

We do like you to pay for your purchase by credit card or bank account in Beringe, before the furniture is delivered. We also accept a part of the amount due and the rest to be paid at delivery to the driver.(This also depends on the transport company in question.) So a transport company will take care if the delivery.

Regulations transport service:

The delivery costs are maximal € 100,- per address throughout the whole of the Netherlands. 

The delivery costs in Belgium and Germany are in accordance. The day of delivery, part of the day, morning or afternoon, will be discussed.  You will get a  rough time schedule with  large margins due to eventual traffic jams and deliveries to other addresses. the furniture is delivered on the ground floor. If discussed beforehand it can be agreed upon to deliver it on, for instance, another floor. You have to make this clear when purchasing the furniture. At the moment the first threshold had been passed, the furniture is  your responsibility. So the transporter is no longer responsible for any damage to walls, furniture or floors. You have to take precautions beforehand against damage by trollies or moving furniture.

In the case of large furniture,  persons need to be present because of the weight and volume of the furniture. This will be discussed with the manager beforehand.

There needs to be sufficient room to unload.  Mind the corridors and passages the furniture has to go through. The place in the house where the furniture must be brought to must be easy to reach by the transporter.